Monday, January 11, 2010

H-A-N-K What does that spell?

Hank's preschool class has been learning about goals this month and Hank decided (on his own) to set a goal to write his own name. He usually just signs his name with a giant H (I kind of think its a cute signature), but the other day he wrote his entire name H-A-N-K all by himself! He did such a good job! Unfortunately, he chose the aquadoodle as his medium, so once he had written the 'K' the 'H' had pretty much disappeared, but you get the idea:


Kathy said...

What a thrill to write your own name. Just the first of many more goals to accomplish. Great job HANK!

Lauralee said...

what a cute kid... that is quite a goal for him to think of! and he is doing it! way to go hank!