Sunday, November 1, 2009


Last night was the big night that Hank has been waiting for weeks to finally come! Halloween! Unfortunately, Hank caught a nasty cough while he was trunk-or-treating the previous night, so he wasn't feeling his best. We had to wrestle him just to get him in his costume. Since I insisted that Hank bundle up, I layered him in his pjs, then his coat, then his costume. Hank complained that all the "strings were bugging" him from wearing so many layers. Once we finally got out the door and started trick-or-treating, Hank was back to his old self and had lots of fun collecting candy.
Mickey Mouse (our friend Cameron) and the two firemen. You can just see on thier faces how puzzled the kids are to be made to wear these crazy costumes.

When Hank knocked on one door, the neighbor answered wearing a scary mask. Hank just immediately turned on his heel and ran right back to me. I explained to him that lots of people like to wear scary costumes on Halloween but its all pretend and just for fun. Hank was definately more timid to knock on doors from that point on.

Hank and I make the perfect team because he likes all the fruity, chewy candy and leaves all the good stuff--the chocolate--for me! Honestly, with an entire bucket-ful of candy to choose from, the first thing Hank picks is dots! Who eats dots?!


Levon said...

Haha, that's funny - I LOVE dots, could eat 'em everyday!!!

Robyn said...

I eat dots!

mom and pops grover said...

Dots are my favorite!

Kathy said...

Dots are like jelled kool-aid. Give me a good snickers or peanut butter cup any day of the week!

Kurt Radmall said...

Oh my heavens. Felicity is eating dots right now! No joke. She has all of her candy out and that is what she chose. Bring on the almond joys for me!