Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hank is a busy little jabberbox. He asks millions of questions, makes observations about everything, and provides a running commentary to all our daily tasks. Lately, Hank has begun to create some interesting theories of his own:

1. Driving on the highway yesterday, we passed a dairy tanker truck. Of course, Hank asks what kind of truck it was and wants to know everything about it. His questions quickly turn directions and he asks me where milk comes from. I explained simply that milk comes from cows. Hank says, "so the cows spit the milk into the truck and thats where it comes from?"

2. Hank is fascinated with tow trucks. I always remind him to buckle his seat belt so we don't crash. Hank's response is, "if we crash, will there be a tow truck?!" Last night Hank must have been in deep thought about tow trucks and asked, "if an airplane crashes, will there be a flying tow truck?"

I love the way that kid thinks!


Keli'i and Megan said...

So dang cute.

melissa said...

That is awesome he is soooooo inquisitive!!!!