Thursday, October 15, 2009

Forget-Me-Not Friday (almost)

1. When Hank wakes up in the morning (which is usually much earlier than I'd like) he crawls into bed with me and he watches cartoons while I try to squeeze in a few more minutes of rest. The other day, Hank cozies up to me and whispers, "in all the world, I love you." What a sweet thing to wake up to!

2. Max is starting to take off! On Sunday he started to pull up to a stand, and he is beginning to grasp the concept of cruising on furniture. Verbally, Max is learning new words left and right. A few of his most recent vocab additions are, "uh-oh," "no-no," "ball," "book," "kitty-cat," "brother," and "more."

3. The boys' are beginning to enjoy playing together. We love to play chase and wrestle together on the floor. Lately, Hank and Max have been playing fetch together--Hank throws a wiffle ball across the house and Max crawls after it and retrieves it for Hank. Hank is amused that Max brings him the ball, and Max is just happy that Hank is playing with him.

4. This week was my week to teach preschool and I had so much fun with the kids! I love the program and I love our little group! We learned about taking care of the earth and we talked about littering, recycling, conserving resources, and we even took a little excursion and went on a garden walk. I'm so grateful that Hank is able to be a part of such a fantastic little class.

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Lauralee said...

your boys are so cute!
that is so fun when kids start playing together and enjoying each other more!