Friday, November 20, 2009

Catch Up

I had to order a new power cord for my computer, so I've been offline for awhile....I'm back! We've been super busy and I finally have a chance to catch up on a few of our most recent happenings:
A few weeks ago, Hank's Nana Grover bought him a pair of "fireman boots." Hank LOVES them and wears them everywhere. He'd probably sleep in them if I let him.

It comes as no surprise then that Hank decided to wear his full fireman costume on our preschool fieldtrip to the firestation today, the fireman boots, the helmet, and the whole bit.

These boys are so funny because, I swear, they couldn't contain their excitement about visiting the firestation all month long. As soon as we get there, they clam up and get all nervous. I know Hank was loving every second, but you wouldn't know it from his expression--he was all business with a super serious look on his face the whole time. The firemen were awesome! We watched a short safety video and then they let us tour the station and climb all over the equipment and trucks. The kids had a blast:)

Max is finally getting a couple new teeth! His bottom teeth came in around 11 monhts and just this past week he is starting to cut three more on top. He doesn't let me get in to inspect his mouth, but I knew something was going on when I heard him make some little grinding noises in his mouth. I'm happy that he'll be able to chew some chunkier foods, but I'll miss that little baby face with two little teeth on the bottom:)

Most exciting of all, Max started taking steps last week!!! Hooray! Max thinks its hilarious to crawl up to this chair, and then let go. He just cracks himself up doing it over and over again. You can tell he thinks he's figured out a great trick and is very proud of himself. So far, he's taken 7 or 8 steps, but still not a full-fledged walker--yet.

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Lauralee said...

those fireman boots are great! my kids get like that too, all shy and quiet, when I know they are super's actually cute to see..
good thing you have another baby coming... those boys are getting big so fast!