Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Max

Its funny that I used to worry that, as my second child, Max's infancy would be less photgraphically documented than Hank's because, in fact, its the exact opposite. Hank won't sit still for two seconds to get his picture taken and Max is a much more cooperative subject, so the majority of my pictures these days tend to be of Max.
Max has lost all but a few hairs left on top and his new hair is almost growing in blonde!

As an update to my last post, we pulled out all the stops: relocating Max to his own bedroom, tanking him up with a bottle right before bed, and depriving him of his p.m. nap in order to encourage him to sleep longer through the night. Happily, he is beginning to sleep a little better. Three nights ago he slept through the night (I put him down at 10pm and woke him up at 6am because I was too worried about him to let him go any longer) but we haven't had a repeat since. Sleep is overrated anyways.


The Farmer Family said...

hmmm....I'm not sure I agree with your last statement...but you have to think that right now with a new born. he's changed so much already. what a cutie he is.

kellbell said...

what an adorable little guy! such a cute face!!

April said...

He is so cute!

Amy (Church) Thulin said...

Yep he is a cutie. Both of your boys are adorable.