Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yesterday Max turned 4 months old! I can't remember what our family was like before Max joined us...he is such a special part of our family and I love him to peices.

4 things I love about Max: 1) his ear to ear smile that melts my heart, 2) his super chubby thighs, 3) his glass-peircing squeal that he makes when he is happy (which he is most of the time), and 4) the way his eyes light up first thing in the morning when he sees me (even after a bad night).

4 of Max's favorite things: 1) his yellow ducky toy that Dad dropped in the water and now makes a disturbing whining noise when you squeeze it, 2) his fuzzy brown blanket, 3) bathtime (and just being naked in general), and 4) FOOD! Max loves to EAT!

4 things Max can do: 1) roll-over, 2) smile, giggle, laugh, and babble, 3) play with toys and put them in his mouth, 4) hold a sitting position for a short time. Nope, not sleep through the night:(
We love you Max!


Mindy said...

Love it! The chubbiness...i just want to squish him and kiss him. I hate that I haven't even met him!

Derrinda said...

Happy 4 months Max! He sure is cute. I love the underside of the exersaucer as well. Wasn't that the best invention!