Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bath Buddies

Running short on time to get the kiddos fed, bathed, and clothed before our doctor's appointment, I threw Hank and Max into the tub together for the first time. Even though I lectured Hank about not splashing his little brother, poor Max put up with Hank dumping cups of water all over him.
The doctor confirmed what I had suspected, Max is a mini-giant. At 4 months, Max is 17.1 lbs (90%), measures 28 inches long (off the charts, the nurse measured twice to be sure), and his head is 16.5 inches around (45%). At this rate, it looks like Max might not have to put up with being bullied by Hank for much longer.


Lauralee said...

cute boys! a mini giant :) cute.

carrie said...

Well, considering the size of Max's daddy, I am not in the least bit surprised. He looks like he is a very good natured baby. Yay!

Kelli Radmall said...

I love the mini giant and his splashy brother. Felicity only weighs 18 lbs. She is a mini midgit. I know. They're called little people.

Happy Birthday! I hope it was a good one. Your toes look beautiful and your goals are great. I can teach you how to ski if we ever end up in the same place that has a ski resort. Love ya!