Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I think the word "obsession" would be an understatement to describe Hank's fascination with tractors. Whenever we are driving in the car, Hank points out every tractor we pass along the road and can name them according to category: digger, dump truck, pump, cement mixer, back hoe, etc. So, it is no surprise that Hank was quite excited to take a ride on Papa Z's tractor during our visit to my parent's house this weekend. About every 15 minutes, Hank would ask to go out to the garage to see the tractor. In fact, he even wanted to say goodnight to the tractor before going to bed. If you ask Hank about the tractor, he says, "Hank drive Papa Z's tractor. It be loud!"

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The Sorensen's said...

Oh my gosh! Drew is the exact same way! He is obsessed with John Deere and points out every tractor he sees! Whenever we go to Texas to visit my grandparents, he always has to ride on the tractor (I think the same one in your pics) and asks about every hour if he can get back on! Crazy!