Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last night we had our first official family home evening. Usually, Aaron and I will read the first presidency message from the Ensign after the kids have gone to bed, or splurge on milkshakes, or take a family outing to Costco and call it good. We decided that Hank is finally old enough to grasp basic gospel principles and enjoy a brief family home evening lesson. So, we piled all the pillows on the floor and gathered together in the living room. Hank thought it was a treat to sit on the floor together. Aaron greeted us and welcomed us to family home evening, Hank said the opening prayer, we sang "I am a Child of God," and I taught a very simple lesson about Heavenly Father. We played a game where we tossed a ball to each other, repeating the phrase, "Heavenly Father loves..." and when it was your turn to catch the ball, you said your name. Hank thought it was fun to throw the ball and chase it around the room. Then, we colored crowns that said, "I am a Child of God." Hank was a big fan of the hat, but wouldn't sit still long enough to have his picture taken while wearing it. Overall, I thought our first attempt at FHE was successful.

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The Farmer Family said...

cool. We had our first one this Monday too. I love this age because they are so willing and anxious to learn. So fun!