Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Breaking Bread

Today Hank started his first class in the second round of his feeding group. I am hopeful that during the course of the next 10 weeks, Hank will make a miraculous recovery and start eating table food like other toddlers his age. Today, Hank made a big step towards that goal: he ate bread for the very first time! (just a small bite, but he did chew and swallow it) While this may not seem like a major accomplishment, I was so proud of him and excited for this breakthough that I had to hold back tears. It would make me undescribably happy to see Hank eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Maybe soon...


Lauralee said...

that is exciting.. if he had never done that before! I didn't know of the struggle.. how worrisome as a mom to not see your child eat..

luke was/is so into tractors.. he has quite the collection, and used to be just like that, naming them all.. so cute! my dad has a john deere too that luke loves to ride with him..

Krista Hansen said...

Congrats! I understand your joy at this huge accomplishment. Every time I took Sam to feeding therapy, I cried. I am so excited for the progress Hank is making. You are a good mama to get him the help he needs. Keep it up!
Krista Hansen (Kelli Radmall's sis)