Saturday, July 21, 2007

Vinyl Lettering

I love vinyl lettering! Its such a cool way to customize your house. It may seem like overkill, but all of the lettering is spread out over my whole house so it doesn't look like a bunch of graffiti. My sister just got a vinly lettering maching so she made me a few signs that I just put up the other day. I put "buon appetito!" (the Italian spelling, of course) over my pantry and Hank's full name over his crib. I also finished a project thats taken me awhile to complete--I put my favorite scripture in my bathroom. I also have a few signs around the house: Grovers and Aaron's favorite motto from his mission. I have a tile with a saying on it and a saying about Home in the family room. My last project will be putting a welcome sign on the front door. What do you think?

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jeanie said...

I don't care to have my info online so would you delete these comments please.
I love what you are doing with the vinyl lettering.
What is the deal with the machines? I want one! I could just go crazy doing this.
Jeanie (in Florida)