Thursday, July 5, 2007

1 Year Old!

Hankie celebrated his birthday with a Hawaiian "luau." We invited his Grandmas and Grandpas, his Auntie Wobyn, "auntie" Mindy, and his best cousin, Ally. We watched a video of Hank when he was only 1 day old. Its amazing how much he's grown and learned in just one year. Hanky loved ripping open the wrapping paper on his presents. He got lots of toy cars, a swimming pool, a tonka truck, a hammer set, and some new clothes. After we opened presents, we stripped him down to his skivvies and let him enjoy his first cake. He loved the attention of having all eyes on him, but he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do with the cake. After some prodding, he finally stuck one tentative finger into the frosting. We couldn't get him to try the cake though...oh well, easy clean-up for me!

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