Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cookie Monster

Today I made some chocolate chip cookies and I gave Hank a little peice to sample. Generally, if the food doesn't have a "Gerber" label, Hank turns his face away and covers his mouth with his fists and refuses to try the food offered. So I was surprised when he didn't hesitate to accept a cookie. Its like kids inherently know that a cookie is good. Well, he's no dummy. He ate the peice I gave him and then begged for more. In the first picture he is making this face where he closes his eyes, scrunches his nose, and then snuffs in and out with his nose. He knows it always makes me laugh so he does it often. Later yesterday afternoon, I made the mistake of leaving the pantry door open and Hank made a beeline for his treats. Before I could catch him, he'd emptied half the box of Teddy Puffs. Its funny because I always thought that I would have my kids be super disciplined and well trained to obey my every order but how are you supposed to get mad when they look so cute? Laughing at him when he misbehaves is probably not the best way to teach him proper conduct.

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