Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Running on Fumes

It is a mean trick to assign massive homework projects during the last month of school. Don't the teachers know we're just running on fumes here coming into the final stretch before summer vacation?! For his Millard county report--which, I might add, is not exactly an exciting destination--Hank made trilobites out of plaster, created a diarama of a famous Mormon/Indian battle, and sculpted a rock formation of Joseph Smith's profile out of salt dough. Oh, and then just a tiny ten page research report and this display we just threw together (are you picking up the sarcasm? Hours! Hours and hours of labor went into this silly assignment!). If I was a smarter woman I'd save the project for our next blasted county report. 

For his assignment, Ben was to create a habitat for his animal of choice. After giving him several ideas of possible animals, it was Ben's very own idea to make a mouse house. I'm pretty proud of the way his first project turned out:

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