Monday, June 20, 2016

Double Digits!

I My baby boy turned double digits! I am in disbelief that my tiny, dark-haired, sweet faced baby grew into a handsome young man seemingly overnight. Ten is a fun age because at times I'll see that playful, innocent, child-like little boy side of Hank that still likes to hold my hand, race me up the stairs, and snuggle during cartoons, and at other times I'll glimpse the young man that he's becoming as he offers me a heartfelt apology, engages me in conversation on a walk together, or helps with a younger brother instinctively. Hank is very bright, but values speed and completion of a task over workmanship. Hank is a natural leader and likes to take charge, but is learning how to compromise and be a peacemaker. Hank can be goofy and silly, he seems to have endless energy and no need for sleep, and he loves all things baseball. He likes pasta and cheese and still makes a funny face when forced to eat vegetables. Hank is assertive, social, and affectionate. Hank is a one in a million kind of kid and I'm so lucky he's mine!

For his birthday, Aaron took Hank on a trip to Denver, just the two of them. Aaron had won the trip through Allstate, but after considering all of our options, we decided it made the most sense for Aaron to take Hank while I tended the younger boys at home...and a new tradition was born! 

Hank was basically treated like a king and spoiled rotten for five days, soaking in all the one-on-one time with Dad while being treated to a fancy hotel, swimming at the pool, upscale dinners, a tour of the stadium and the U.S. Mint, the theater and even a special concert! To say Hank had the time of his life would be an understatement. I missed being able to spend his birthday with him, but I love that Hank had a tenth birthday that he'll never forget. Happy Birthday, Hank!

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