Monday, June 20, 2016

Misc. Memorial Day Happenings

Our Memorial Day weekend was kind of a blur of baseball and projects. I actually had to pull the kids out of school on their very last day (school was only 1.5 hours...what's the point, anyway?) to get Max to a baseball tournament. On Saturday we returned to the ballpark for a couple more games...we enjoyed some pizza in the outfield while watching this sunset:

We just recently bought a new office space, but it was in dire need of some renovations, so we spent our Memorial Day ripping up carpet and painting walls while the kids "helped." It wasn't the most exciting holiday we've ever had, but in the long run, we're pretty pumped to be the proud owners of a new office!

Having my grandpa closer in proximity has made me really appreciate my ancestors and my heritage. On one visit to see my grandpa, I came across this photo of my handsome looking grandpa in his military uniform: 

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