Friday, September 11, 2015

Max is 7!

Max is a dream son. As a baby he was always content, always happy, very laid back, and stayed put. I remember being able to take Max with me on my visiting teaching appointments and he would sit on my lap, happy to just be held, never attempting to wonder off or stray--I always took credit for his mellow behavior, but I know now it's just his personality. Max is a natural athlete and seems to do well with any sport he picks up, but he seems most adept at baseball. He's not aggressive by nature, but he doesn't mind busting through a soccer jam with a few elbows. Max takes great care of his little brothers and has a special bond with Joey. Max is thoughtful, kind, and quick to ask forgiveness if he has been in trouble. He makes friends easily and is one of those kids that is cool, but makes it seem effortless. Max loves to play catch, likes nerf guns, playing with friends, and could be a video game junkie if we owned video games (he loves to play on the iPad and play video games at friends' houses). Max is a carnivore like his dad and turns out his nose at most vegetables; his favorites are steak, bacon, hot dogs, and pizza. Max has the combination of a tender heart and a winning personality--big things are in store for this handsome 7 year old.

Max has had his birthday planned out for the past 364 days, complete with a written list of the order of events he wanted to do each activity at the fun center, who he planned to invite to his party, and gifts he was asking for.

I'd say 4 hours of arcades, go-carts, miniature golf, lazer tag, bumper boats, and batting cages is any 7 year old's idea of a dream birthday party. 

Happy Birthday to my Maxi-pie!

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