Tuesday, November 25, 2014


When I signed Ben up for an Itty-Bitty Ball basketball class, I knew there were several different ways this class could turn out. I was prepared to have to hold his hand the entire class while he warmed up to the coaches and new surrounding. I was expecting to have to bribe him to participate with M&Ms. I was planning on him refusing to leave the security of a chair and his beloved Legos. But I was NOT prepared for him to forget all about me and run along and join all the other kids like it was no big deal, running, laughing, and having a great time! Half the time Ben preferred to roll on top of the ball on his tummy rather than shoot it in the basket...but it's ok because we didn't sign up for basketball to play basketball anyways! We signed up for basketball so that Ben could enjoy some physical activity, develop confidence in himself, gain more experience practicing his social skills, and because I wanted him to feel like he has his own "thing" that merits our support. The fact that he has a pretty solid little shot is just a bonus:)

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