Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The logical, reasonable side of my brain knew that when we received the results from Ben's audiology exam, confirming severe unilateral hearing loss, that I shouldn't feel upset because this isn't new information (the injury causing the hearing loss occurred four years ago). But the mommy side of my brain, which has clearly taken over all other higher thinking parts of my brain, just hurt for the little boy who already battles so many challenges. My stomach felt punched and the deck seemed stacked. I still haven't fully digested what this new diagnosis entails and how it will unfold in his continuing development, but it has made me look at Ben with an even deeper sense of pride and admiration. Ben just keeps trucking right along, completely and mercifully unaware of his own hardships. Yesterday he opened his "suitcase" and put on his own glasses and stated, without the least bit of self-pity or bitterness, "my glasses help my eyes to see." I pray everyday that his burdens will be made light, but I'm beginning to understand that this may be one of those instances when the Lord has chosen, instead of lightening the load, to strengthen Ben's shoulders...in part by blessing him with four loving, kind, and compassionate brothers.

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Jazzy said...

Well, I sure think you are amazing and I just love that Ben and if there is anyone who can navigate these challenges it's you and your cute family. :)