Monday, November 24, 2014


Before we had kids, Aaron and I used to joke that with the orthodontic issues between our two families, chances were good our kids' teeth would grow in with the bottoms on the top and the tops on the bottom. Miraculously, our boys have lucked out with beautifully spaced, straight baby teeth...until now. Rocky's bottom two teeth popped up right on schedule around 11 months, but then right on Halloween Day, he cut his first upper tooth: a fang! No front teeth, just one little sharp fang in the corner. In the past few weeks, the fang has dropped into place nicely and the second upper tooth, the right front tooth, has also cut through, but he's still missing one front tooth! I'm only partially joking, given the genetics at play, about being concerned that his left fang and right center tooth ARE his two front teeth. I love this quirky little smile!

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