Friday, November 8, 2013

Halloween Fun

More impressive than the fact that we amassed two over-flowing grocery bags of Halloween candy in our trick-or-treating (first at the ward trunk-or-treat, then trick-or-treating on mainstreet, at Nana Grover's neighborhood, and later at our own neighborhood on Halloween night), is the fact that I haven't eaten ANY of it! It has taken a herculean amount of will power to keep myself out of that candy stash. Luckily, the boys are more than happy to eat my share for me.

What a fun Halloween we had! I lugged the 4 youngest to Hank's school to watch his costume parade and catch a 1/2 second glimpse of him in his G.I. Joe costume. All three school-kids had class parties at school, so they came home full of treats before the real fun even started. After school we went straight to downtown Lehi where we trick-or-treated up and down mainstreet. Since it was still light outside and the weather was nice, it was the perfect experience for Ben and Joey's first time participating in trick-or-treating. Ben got tired of walking pretty quickly and didn't get too excited about the candy, but he enjoyed the stroll outdoors. Joey, on the other hand, got the hang of things real quick and started holding out his hands to any and all passersby, attempting to collect candy from anyone. Afterwards, the boys joined Nana Grover for her neighborhood's trunk-or-treat where more candy was collected. As soon as it started to get dark, we headed back home to meet our friends for even more trick-or-treating in our own neighborhood. Whereas last year I was having to drag Max along from house to house while he complained about carrying his heavy bucket, this year I was having to remind Max to slow down and wait for me to catch up because he was racing so fast from one house to the next.

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