Friday, November 29, 2013

HaNky BOy

Every phase has it's good points, and I try to enjoy them all, but boy am I loving this great place that Hank seems to be in right now. Hank isn't a baby anymore. He's a fun, smart, helpful kid...and it's awesome! I love that I can ask him to do something for me...and he can do it! I get really excited when it's time to pick him up from school in the afternoon because I love to hear about his day. I really enjoy sitting down together after school and working on his math and reading homework together. Sometimes Hank and his buddies will play little boy games like cars and trains, but they're also beginning to just enjoy shooting baskets or playing baseball like big kids. Hank does still like to watch cartoons, but he's also old enough to start sharing some classic movies with him. Hank is just fun to be around. I like to spend time with him. I like to listen to his thoughts and ideas. I don't just love him, I really like him, too!

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