Saturday, August 24, 2013

Utah's Beach!

For all it's mountainous beauty, Utah is a dry, tree-barren, brown-ish desert....which explains why I was so excited when I discovered a beach just a few miles away! Okay, it's not exactly the North Shore, it's more like a sandy, man-made reservoir, but if you set up your umbrella, bring your buckets and shovels, and wade in the cool water you get a beach-like experience. Our first visit was a little rough--Joey was sick and only wanted to be held, and Ben got stung by a pesky bee lurking at the playground. I'm glad we returned a few days later with our cousins because it was such a great way to cap off our summer! Hank splashed around in the water, Max dug tunnels and rivers in the sand, Joey was loving his bucket and shovel, and Ben...well, he was happy eating his crackers. Three out of four is pretty good for us. I wish I would have discovered this fun spot earlier in the summer. It will definitely be on our bucket list next year.

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