Saturday, August 24, 2013

First Day of 2nd Grade!

My little Hanky-boy is in 2nd Grade! While it's hard to believe that he is growing up so quickly, Hank is such a natural at school, that I feel more excitement than sadness to send him back to school. I asked if he needed me to walk him to his class, just in case, but I knew what he would say. Nope! He wasn't the least bit nervous. He waved to me as I dropped him off at the front doors and I watched him run to catch up with some buddies he was excited to see after a long summer break. Hank is such a quick-learner, makes friends so easily, and is so eager to please the teacher that I didn't have any worries at all about him on his first day. I am a teeny-tiny bit sad for me to lose my buddy and helper while he is away at school, but I'm excited for him and all the fun and adventures that await him in 2nd grade.


1st Grade

My big 2nd Grader!

I just had to throw in these pictures of Hank that I took on the morning of his first day...if you look closely you can see little brothers crying/waving/yelling in the background windows of every single picture. Doesn't that just seem fitting? Hank is dearly missed by his little brothers at home.

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