Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Little Comparison


6 law textbooks weigh 28.2 lbs

A giant bucket of cars and trucks weighs 24.5 lbs

4  #10 cans of long grain rice and three bottles of spaghetti sauce weigh 27 lbs

A random google search found this fisherman and his 27lb catch

My loveable, squishable, oh so adorable just-turned-9-months-old baby boy weighs 27 lbs!

Yesterday my sweet baby boy turned 9 months old! At our appointment with our pediatrician yesterday my suspicions were confirmed: Ben may not exactly be "petite." At 30" long and 27lbs, Ben is in the 90% for length and off the charts for weight. Bonus for me: I have no need for a gym membership because carrying Ben around everywhere gives me plenty of exercize!


- There is NOTHING more important in this world than family.
- Life is precious. Don't take anything for granted and don't waste time sweating the small stuff.
- Live each day with gratitude.
- I may make mistakes, I may not be perfect, but I will try my best to be the best mother I can be.
- Miracles Happen.
- Have faith--even when its hard, even when your prayers aren't being answered the way that you'd like, even when you're angry--Trust in the Lord and His will. If you look for His hand in your life, you will find it. Seek comfort in Jesus Christ. He is perfect friend.
- Enjoy the little things. Secret: the little things are the big things!
- Some things can't be measured. Some things don't need to be quantified. Some things don't fit molds. Some things are different. And its ok.
- Just LOVE.


kathy said...

I can't give you any advice ever again because you just summed up all the goodness of life in your nine things! What a beautiful and wise mother you are.

Jennette said...

Thanks for the lessons Courtney & Ben :)

Mindy said...

He is so cute. I would love to hold your 27 lb. little guy!

dangrover said...

Your comparisons crack me up! I'm still laughing! That was a very creative idea, cute!