Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best of Both Worlds

If you've ever taken a road trip with three little boys, you know that for all of the family fun, there is also a downside--the kids are tired, grumpy, and whine endlessly:  "when will be be there" and, "I need to go potty," and "Max won't stop bugging me." Well, we came up with the perfect solution: a mini stay-cation at a hotel in our own city--all the family fun without any of the hassle!

 Aaron had a membership reward for a free night at Marriott that we needed to use before it expired, so we decided to just be spontaneous and have a little family pool/movie party at a hotel in the city.

So, its not Disneyland, but we let the kids pick out their favorite treats and didn't even make them wait until after their dinner to eat them, jump on the beds and wreak havoc on the room, stay up late watching 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' and have giant slumber party, order pizza and eat it in our pjs, and swim until our fingers are pruny.... even though we didn't go to an exciting destination, the boys were happy campers.

 Clearly Ben is malnourished, I know.

Hopefully sometime soon we'll get to take the vacation of our dreams, but until then, I'm pretty happy just being with my favorite boys--anywhere at all.


kathy said...

A fun memory was made. Sometimes it just takes a little change of scenery. Good for the Grovers!

Mindy said...

Looks like a fun little family stay-cation. Ben is so cute...he reminds me of the michelin man with all those rolls!