Sunday, April 4, 2010

Epic Easter 2010

What a fantastic Easter! Easter egg hunt, dying Easter eggs, Easter baskets, Easter feast and Easter goodies, family gathering, and general conference. Perfect!....almost....except for the fact that I am still (very) pregnant at this moment.
Saturday morning we took the kiddos to an Easter egg hunt. Can you believe the turnout? The race for eggs is pretty intense. Fortunately, we came out victorious! The kids' baskets were brimming with eggs at the end of the race.

Sorting through the spoils. Max was thrilled to have scored a Smarty candy.
On Saturday night, we all helped Hank dye eggs. As per family tradition, each family member creates their namesake egg. Later, we crack our name eggs in an "egg war" tournament, using the cracked eggs to make deviled eggs for the Easter dinner.

Hank decided to get down and dirty and used his hands to lift the eggs in and out of the dye.

I'm glad I took a picture of the kids' Easter baskets the night before, because Hank didn't waste any time tearing through his basket on Easter morning. Initially, Hank was a little disappointed that the Easter bunny brought him a green sweeper truck, and not the red sweeper truck that he had asked for. I tried to explain to Hank that the Easter bunny probably searched really hard to find a sweeper truck and maybe the Easter bunny couldn't find any red sweeper trucks.
Max was elated when he discovered that his Easter eggs rattled when he shook them--you should have seen him when he discovered that the rattling noise was made by the candy inside!

I failed to get a picture of the Easter feast. It was amazing. We stuffed ourselves like happy little piggies. The boys loved having both their Nanas and Papas here to celebrate and went from lap to lap just lavishing the attention. A special highlight to the weekend was being able to listen to our prophet speak during general conference. It seemed like the speakers made special mention of the importance of mothers in raising their children righteously. Listening to the inspired messages about Christ, His ressurection, and His beautiful plan of happiness, on Easter Day, while expecting my third baby, was a special experience to be sure. My testimony of my Savior was reaffirmed and my gratitude for my sacred role as a mother was deepened.
Easter was I'm just waiting.........


Robyn said...

Im Excited for you! i keep calling my mom to see if there is any news! Im waiting patiently!

Poe said...

an easter never to be forgotten. good thing you got to enjoy it instead of being in the hospital in labor right?!? That would have just gotten in the way of all the fun!