Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today I feel like I truly received an answer to prayer in a tender mercy from the Lord. After having a bit of an emotional meltdown yesterday when my mom returned home, Aaron went back to work, and I was left to sort out life with my three boys, I NEEDED to have a good day. I guess there really wasn't anything great or unusual about today, I just went about my normal day, and it felt normal. I got the boys dressed, fed, and ready this morning and dropped Hank off at preschool. Then I took Max and Ben on a couponing run with me and did a little housework afterwards. We had a nice lunch together and then, most remarkably, everyone took a nap (including me!). We played in the backyard, we read stories together during feedings, I had great one-on-one time with each, and I survived! I know life is going to be one giant adjustment over the next few months, but it was confidence boosting to have just one normal day today.


Jill said...

You are seriously super girl!!! I can't beleive you are already couponing and parading and all of that out in the world stuff and your baby is just a few days old. Man these last few posts made me feel like the wimp of the universe!!! I don't even leave my house for 6 weeks!!! (semi-exagerating!)

Lauralee said...

that is so sweet Courtney- what a blessing eh? it really is the little things! Glad you had a great day- hope more are in store- and it does get a lot easier, I am sure you've heard... sounds like you've already found your groove!

Frye Kids said...

congrats on the new arrival!!! you are a fantastic mom and will do great!!!