Monday, February 1, 2010


Sorry no pictures for this post--trust me, you wouldn't want any. Ironically, Friday morning I had just thought to myself, "wow, we've really been really lucky this winter to have fought off the cold and flu." Spoke too soon. Moments later I woke Max up to find that he was one sick little baby. First poor Max got sick, then came Hank, and yesterday I had the dreaded stomach flu, too. I will spare the gruesome details, but let it suffice to say that I lost 6lbs yesterday! Eww. The only reason I would ever want to document this nasty weekend full of sickness, is that my experience gave me a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for many things:

- I love my little boys to peices and it is agonizing to see them be so miserable. Next time they are bouncing off the walls with energy, I will try to say a prayer of thanks for their health and vitality.

- Even though I was forced to perform certain duties that I firmly believe fall outside of my job description, I am so grateful to be a mother and wouldn't change it for anything. Even at the low points, I am convinced that motherhood is a privilege and a sacred calling.

- I never appreciate the health of my own body until I am sick and wretched. What an obvious but often ignored blessing to simply enjoy good health. I feel so fortunate to have a healthy, able, working body. May I never take that for granted again.

- Being able to carry life within my own body is an incredible gift. I'm fortunate to have such easy pregnancies, so I often take for granted how precious and vulnerable the growing little baby inside of me is. It is undescribable to feel little kicks against my tummy and to make out small body parts in motion. I am thankful for this special time that I have to nuture and bond with my unborn little baby and I want to savor this short, sweet experience.

- The power of the priesthood is truly miraculous. When I felt that I couldn't take one more minute of the ickiness, Aaron called a priesthood bearing neighbor and together they gave me a blessing of comfort and healing. As stated in the blessing, I felt a significant improvement within minutes. I am so grateful to have a worthy priesthood holder lead our family.

- Not exaggerating (ok, just a little), I probably would have given in and died if Aaron had not taken such good care of me and the boys. I feel so thankful to have such a selfless husband who ALWAYS takes care of me and who loves me for better, and in this case definately for worse.


Lauralee said...

Sorry you were so sick- that is miserable! It usually takes me getting sick to really think and appreciate my health-
Glad you are feeling better!

Kathy said...

An eternal principle--you have to know the bad to appreciate the good. We are so glad you are feeling better. Thank you Aaron for stepping up.

Megan and Keli'i said...

I love your attitude, Court. You amaze me. And yes, motherhood is the best, even at its low points! Glad you're feeling better!

Kelli Radmall said...

Ug! Felicity has the stomach flu or something like it right now! And she had the same thing a few weeks ago. This time it is worse. We had to go to the Dr. and get meds to stop her stomach from contracting every 30 minutes or so for 24 hours! Luckily with the medicine she was able to keep down some sprite and get her tears back-so we avoided iv fluids.

It truly is the worst! I'm proud of you that you made it. And I agree, thank goodness for good husbands!

Jason & Amber said...

So sweet is the gospel! I love the priesthood too! It sounds like you have an awesome relationship with your husband and your heavenly father!