Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mr. Romance

If you know anything about Aaron, you know that romance is NOT his middle name. 363 days out of the year, Aaron wins the "Husband of the Year" award for knocking himself out trying to make me happy by following my orders and doing exactly what I ask him to do. The other two days, my birthday and Valentine's Day, he struggles. If I don't plan the event, tell him where and when to make reservations, and leave him an explicit gift list, it doesn't happen. Its become a joke between us that a few days before Valentine's Day, Aaron will ask me if I want him to buy me flowers or not. Come on! Doesn't that totally negate the whole point?? This year Aaron and I had a nice date together--no over-the-top romantic suprises, but, even better, an evening enjoying the company of my very best friend, whom I love completely. Aaron, I love you. Thank you for always making me happy.
Note to self: no more self-taken close up shots, please.


Levon said...

Dang maybe that's my problem - all these years, I've been looking up to the wrong dude on how to be romantic!

Seriously, though, this surprises me - back in the day, he had me misled!

Lauralee said...

what's wrong with the close up? you look great courtney!
sounds like a fun time!

austin and cherisse said...

at ricks he was known as senior romantico. i think that his old email address was

i don't think that it an aaron thing, i am thinking it is a guy thing.

Megan and Keli'i said...

Um, all I can say is that he and Keli'i must've gone to the same Romantic School. Great husbands...lousy date planners. But we love them just the same.

And truth be told, I'd way have a better husband most of the time rather than only two days per year.