Sunday, May 10, 2009

To My Mom on Mother's Day...

On Mother's Day I show my appreciation for my best mom.
Things I Learned (am learning) From My Mom:

* My mom is a workhorse. There isn't a minute of the day that she isn't busy working, either making something, cleaning something, or working on a project. She doesn't stop. At the time, I didn't appreciate the fact that each and every Saturday morning I was presented with a lengthy chore list, but now I appreciate the fact that my mom taught me the value of hardwork.

* Along with being hardworking, my mom is just plain tough. She says that she got her muscles from carrying babies in her arms and kneading tough loaves of bread. It was a momentous day when my older brother was finally able to defeat my mom in an arm wrestling match (wasn't it just last year? Haha!). Aside from her deceptive physical strength, my mom has an inner strength as well. When it comes to adversity, she is a rock. She is one tough cookie.

* Whether its the way she dresses, the way she decorates her home, or just the way she is, my mom has a certain style about her that I admire. I'd like to think that I have inherited some of my mom's good taste.

* If you asked my mom whether she would prefer to take a cruise around the world, or just stay home, she would hands down choose to stay home. My mom is such a good homemaker that her house is just a warm and inviting place to be. I've learned from my mom the skill of transforming a house into a home.

* Have you ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? In the movie, the aunt argues that any ailment can be cured with a little spray of Windex. My mom is the same except she contends that the perfect cure for just about anything is a cup of herbal tea and vitamin C. My mom is truly Dr. Mom and I our whole family has benefited from her good wisdom and homeopathic knowledge.

* I have fond memories of standing on a stool in the kitchen and helping my mom make cookies or prepare dinner. My mom is a wonderful cook and has a knack for "whipping things up." I regularly call my mom for recipes or cooking tips and I'm grateful that she has shared her passion for cooking with me.

* I am inspired by my mom's strong testimony of the gospel. My mom decided to join the church, knowing that it would cost her her relationship with her family. I'm so grateful for her faith and for her choice to become a member of the church and raise her family in the gospel.

* Mostly, my mom has taught me how to be a mom. I look to my mom as the example of the kind of mom that I want to be. My mom loves me and I know she would move mountains for me if she could. Immediately after Hank was born and the nurse handed me my beautiful baby boy, my mom whispered to me, "now you know how much I love you." I do. I know.


Lauralee said...

oh that was so sweet to read! especially the last one.. there is something about becoming a mom that tighten the bonds between mothers and daughters for sure! loved reading your list!

Kathy said...

Courtney you flatter me and I appreciate it! You made my day.