Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hawaii Highlights

On Friday Aaron and I returned from spending one glorious week in beautiful, sunny Hawaii! I really had a hard time leaving the kids and the cares all behind, but I think we needed a little time to ourselves to reconnect. I missed the kids bunches and bunches and thought about them constantly, but I know they were well taken care of and had a blast with their nanas (thanks a bunch!). Sometimes I wish I could transport myself back to Hawaii with the snap of my fingers--I guess the next best thing is to preserve our trip in my memory as best as I can. I think it would be impossible to capture our experience in words, so I will share our wonderful week in pictures. Here are the highlights:

1. The Beach

The sunset at sunset beach was breathtaking. I literally felt my stress and cares all melt away as we watched the sun fade into the horizon.

We walked along the beach and splashed in the sandy lagoons near our hotel. Not too shabby, huh?

We people-watched at Waikiki beach.

Aaron played in the surf at the North Shore.
2. The Fun.
If he could, Aaron would have lived in the pool at the hotel.

We cruised the strip at Waikiki.

Aaron golfed 2 courses: Turtle Bay and Ko Olina. The courses were beautiful and Aaron seemed to be happy with how he played.

I'm pretty sure this means Aaron was happy.

I was just along for the ride.

We checked out Da Kine Bailbonds...too bad Dog wasn't there.
3. The Food

Does life get better than sipping pina coladas (virgin, of course) by the pool?

Aaron couldn't resist a stop at the Shrimp Shack. Just looking at the picture makes me gag.

We visited Matsumoto's shave ice multiple times. We're addicted--can't get enough!
4. The Scenery

I wish I could etch this picture in my memory to carry with me through the long, dreary Washington winters.

Laie Point--this is the view that Aaron and I enjoyed from our bedroom windows as college kids! Oh that we could have that out our back porch now.

Everything in Hawaii was so lush and gorgeous.
5. The Memories

Hawaii holds a very special place in our hearts because it is where our story began. Whenever we visit Hawaii, we like to relive all the good times. Aaron and I took a picture seven years ago of the two of us at the airport (below) so as soon as we got off the airplane, we took this picture for a comparison. I thought I was lucky then, and I still feel pretty lucky now.

I loved visiting the campus at BYU-H. Such good times and good memories.

I can't beleive it was 7 years ago that we both graduated. It feels like it was yesterday.

6. The Love.
I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to survive spending a week without my babies, but I loved spending every minute together with my best friend. Thank you for the wonderful vacation. Lets do it again!
*** well, maybe there were a few highlights that couldn't be photographed: uninterrupted sleep, peaceful mornings spent reading on the balcony, a birthday dinner shared with a good friend, feeling like it was ok to be lazy, treating ourselves to a late night movie at the theater, the feeling of the hot sun on my skin, hunting for treasures at the swap meet, the feel of the hot sand between my toes, the option to do whatever I wanted....I could go on and on.


Keli'i and Megan said...

CANNOT believe we didn't get to see you guys! Ah! But, I am so glad you had a great time! Next time!

Mindy said...

Seriously looks like so much fun. Good for you guys for going!! There are some very tempting prices on flights to hawaii right now!!

adam said...

Where did the Masters hat come from?

Lauralee said...

fun! it looks beautiful there! sounds like a dream to me! :)

We Three Madsens said...

I am super jealous! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I want a week away from all my cares to just relax in the sun, heck, I will take a day away! Glad you guys got to go and have fun:) Too bad Dog wasnt there!

Kelli Radmall said...

You did it! You enjoyed it for the both of us, didn't you? Wow-your pictures are amazing. I can see how happy you two are. How amazing to have that time together!

Jill said...

JELOUS!!!!!!! Oh so jelous!

carrie said...

LUCKY! I day dream about that place all the time. That is awesome that you and Aaron got to go. You are gorgeous by the way!