Thursday, September 18, 2008

We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!

The perfect end to the perfect week....the Puyallup Fair! On Wednesday we arrived promptly as the gates to the fair opened. Our first priority was getting our fill of Fisher scones.

Next, we rode the kiddie train around the carnival. I think riding the choo-choo was Hank's favorite part of the day.

Then, we took Hank to the petting zoo where he got to pet goats, sheep, and bunnies. We also went to the animal barns and saw geese, chickens, horses, cows, and goats.

For his part, Max was content to sleep in his stroller the entire trip.

We found a display of Kubota (sorry Grandpa) tractors that Hank insisted on trying out.

Hank devoured the cotton candy.

Hank was adamant about riding the rides, but turned out to be all talk. He chose to ride a racecar that drove around a small racetrack. I guess he didn't understand that he would be going on the ride solo, because as soon as the car pulled away from Dad, Hank panicked. The operator had to shut the ride down and come rescue poor Hank. For our second attempt, we decided to try a ride that was less intimidating and just went around and around in a small circuit. Although Hank had a serious expression on his face during the entire ride, as soon as it stopped, he would say "again, again!" Funny kid.

Part of the reason that I enjoyed the fair so much was that it was the perfect capstone to an incredible week spent together as a family. I was sad to see Aaron return to work on Thursday morning and for life to go back to its old routine again. I loved every minute of the time that we spent together this past week and will remember it as a special time for us. My heart is full--I love my boys to peices. I have been amazed at the way that Aaron has handled his responsibilities. Before I know what to do, Aaron already has the diapers changed, the kids bathed, is holding Max in one hand, and playing with Hank at the same time. I love to watch him with his sons--it makes me feel lucky to have found such a wonderful husband. I love Hank more today than I did yesterday. Hank constantly impresses me with his creativity and thoughtfulness. He is my best little buddy and I sincerely enjoy his companionship. Hank is a great big brother, my only concern is that Hank may smother Max with his "hugs." Max is a joy. I can't get enough of his sweet little face and tiny little body. I never thought I could be this happy. In my prayers, I can't think of anything else to ask for. I only ask that I be able to hold my boys a little closer and squeeze them a little tighter and soak in each moment. I hope when I am old and sitting on my rocking chair on my front porch that I will be able to remember days like the day we spent at the fair together.


The Sorensen's said...

You guys are so cute! What a complete family! It is great that you guys could get out so soon after having a baby. The joys of not having a baby during the winter season! What a fun time at the fair!

Kelli Radmall said...

Wow-you amaze me. I can't believe you were out and about at the fair that soon after the baby! I do love fairs and I would do almost anything for cotton candy, so I guess I understand. I love your description of your little family. It's great that Aaron is already so adept with the two kids. What a guy!

Bret & Liz said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! You have got some real cute little men on your hands:) I am excited for our trip there tomorrow, just reading you talk about those scones is making my mouth water! Im so happy for you that you have two beautiful sons and such a caring and helpful husband.

April said...

I think you said it perfectly, Courtney. Life doesn't get any better than these moments. I sure do love ya!

Brit H. said...

Out and about! Nice work! You look good. What sweet things that you said about your boys. I love days like that. It is like the whole world is perfect just for that moment. Emma is looking at the pictures with me and said "OH! Cute baby! Can we have one?" I explained that we DO have one. Avery is only 3 months old, but she would like more babies at our house. haha.