Monday, September 8, 2008

Puyallup Fair

Baby Max must know how much I love the Puyallup Fair because he cooperated by staying put in order to allow me to get my fill of scones, exhibits, animals and good old fair fun. Liz and I took Cameron and Hank to the fair on opening day last Friday and we all had a blast. It was Hank's third year in a row to attend the fair and he enjoyed all the fair festivities. We're hoping to continue the tradition by taking Max with us on a return visit at the end of the month--I can't get enough of the scones and fried food!

1 comment:

Mindy said...

What the heck? You hardly look 9 months prego in this picture. You're going to be back to your skinny self in no time once this boy decides to get here.