Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Technically, its Tuesday night, but, for me, its Friday night because I'm done with work for the week! Each Tuesday morning Aaron gives me a kiss goodbye on his way to work and wishes me a happy Friday. Oh what a happy girl I am when I'm done with work! This week has been especially hectic as it seemed that all of my cases converged into chaos simultaneously and I got to battle in court all day, slapping people with restraining orders. Despite the fact that I feel physically and mentally drained from dealing with other people's drama all day, it is actually really rewarding to help people resolve their disputes. On a good day, I can honestly say that I feel like I've made a difference, in a small way, in someone's life.


Frye Kids said...

Hey courtney i am glad you found our blog! It sounds like your family is growing, congrats on #2. Hank is a really cute little boy. sounds like life it good for you in Washington. We are finally heading out of Provo and heading to Ca. Briant will work for a friend's contruction company and hopefully settle down finally. I will have to keep in touch better now, hooray for blogs.

Kelli Radmall said...

I think you're amazing! I can't imagine your job is easy and I am proud of you for seeing the bright side. Happy Friday!

The Sorensen's said...

I forgot you were going to into law! Sounds like you have a good balance between motherhood and the working world!

sweck said...

hey my old quiet house roomy courtney! i thought i recognized the name aaron grover on megan and keli'i's blog....sure nuf! this is carrie! your little boy is so cute! check out our blog... andelinempire.blogspot.com
nice seeing you!