Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Da Mariners

Highlight #1:
Aaron's boss had given him the company's tickets to the Mariner's game on Friday night so we called up my brother, Adam, and his wife, Brittany, and invited them to come with us. They drove up after work from Portland to meet us at the game and were really excited because they'd never been to a Mariner's game before and we'd scored some pretty good seats behind homeplate. We had just settled into our seats, our dinners in our laps, anxious for the game to start, when Aaron notices a persistent drip coming from somewhere above. Interestingly, the drip is only above Aaron's seat. Every other seat in the entire stadium is enjoying perfectly clear, dry climate and yet there seems to be a raincloud just over Aaron's individual seat. He tried to ignore the dripping, and even tried putting on his hat to deflect the water, but he finally started to get drenched and got fed up with it and spoke with a hostess. Apparently, there was some condensation caused by one of the scoreboards overhead that caused some major dripping. I could not stop laughing when, out of 25,000 other fans, Aaron was the only one who got stuck under his own little personal storm.
Highlight #2:
The happy ending to the story is that the hostess was able to reseat us and it turned out to be an upgrade. We got to watch the game from 10 rows behind first base.
Highlight #3:
We got some primetime on the Jumbotron! During the break in the 9th inning, a cameraman filmed the four of us dancing to the music and we all got on the jumbotron for a solid ten seconds of fame!

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