Saturday, May 17, 2008

Seize the Weekend - Part I

When the weatherman began predicting that the temperature was supposed to be in the high 90s, I started making plans to make the most of our weekend. We headed out early, stopping first at Saltwater State Park in Federal Way. I am a conesuir of beaches, and I have never been to such a cool beach before. Its definately not the kind of beach that I would want to bring my bathing suit and lay out, but it was really fascinating. The entire beach was covered in small tide pools, fresh water streams, and millions of shells, seaweed and barnacles. We hopped along the rocks, picking up shells along the way, as we walked towards the water. Previous experiences made me surprised that when we got to the water edge, Hank just charged it! We had to race after him to keep him from taking a full plunge! He's usually a bit of a fraidy-cat so I was surprised to see his adventurous side poke out. He loved walking along the beach and letting the tide sweep over his feet. As we headed back up the beach, Aaron tipped over some boulders and we watched dozens of tiny crab scurry out.


Keli'i and Megan said...

Hi Courtney! You've got to be the cutest prego ever! Congratulations on baby number two! and one, since we haven't spoke in forever! You and your family are adorable! So happy for this blogging thing!

carrie said...

Hey Court! I have to agree with are the cutest little pregnant lady....what are you, like 6 weeks along?? We love the name Harrison. We were thinking about that name with our 2nd boy. Have you thought of names for this one?

carrie said...

I just saw your comment you left on our BOM chart post. Keeping track makes it way more fun and easy. You get to fill in a square for every chapter. Reward yourselves after each book or so. We had it on our fridge so we had that constant reminder too. YOU CAN DO IT!!