Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Highlights

1. The temperature here on Saturday was in the mid-60s so we actually got to enjoy a little sunshine. Aaron and I worked outdoors--After another visit to our favorite home improvement store, Aaron stained the fence while I powerwashed our driveway. What could be more fun than yard maintenance on a sunny day? (I'm being half sarcastic and half serious, here).

2. We made our monthly grocery trip to Wally World and are continually amazed at how much it costs to feed three people. Bystanders point and stare as we haul 2 brimming-to-the-top shopping carts out to the parking lot. I told Aaron, some people buy fancy cars, we buy food. I love to just marvel at my pantry after its been freshly stocked. It makes me feel rich to see all my food lined up in rows.

3. Hank visited a gastrointerologist at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital to get an evaluation for his eating issues. We determined that he does NOT have digestive, speech, motor, reflux, or allergy problems. My suspicions were confirmed--he has a texture aversion. We were referred to an occupational therapest for help. I'm crossing my fingers that in a couple sessions with the occupational therapest he'll be eating hot dogs and spaghetti-o's like other almost-2-year-olds.

4. Hank successfully protested nursery....again. He loves the toys and he loves the other kiddos, but he doesn't like it when mom and dad leave. At all. Mom and dad are getting frustrated with spending their classtime in nursery week after week.

5. Hank discovered that the perfect time to yell at the top of his lungs for optimal attention-getting is in the middle of the sacrament prayers.

6. Aaron may not appreciate me sharing this, but Aaron is dropping weight like crazy on Weight Watchers. I am super proud of him for making the commitment to shed the pounds and live healthier. What a Big Loser!

7. Aaron got to feel 'Baby' kick for the first time. This baby is a squirmer but not a kicker so Aaron hasn't been able to experience feeling the kicking until the other day.

8. Hank's new trick: unlocking and opening the sliding glass door by himself. Next weekend's project: installing child locks on the sliding glass door.

Ok, so it wasn't a super exciting weekend. But, we loved the sunshine and we honestly were happy to just have the time to spend with each other. We live for the weekends. Too bad they're so short.


The Farmer Family said...

aint that the truth? Mondays always come way too fast. p.s. we just use a craft stick to keep the door closed. But I'm sure it won't take long for him to notice what is keeping the door closed. Tyler is as we speak picking up a refridgerator door lock. I can't keep the kid out of the fridge. errr...

Groverfam said...

I happened upon your blog through Grandma Grover-I am Lili Grover- Jacob Lee's sister! I have pleasant memories of Aaron and it is fun to see him and his family- all grown up! Tell him congrats on his weight loss- I lost 40 lbs on ww and it feels great and healthy. congrats on your pregnancy- I am sure you have heard but Jacob will be here the 26th of May -June 1- Great blog!!

Brit H. said...

Oh my! I haven't checked your blog in so long! Sounds like you had a great weekend! Yay, for Aaron losing all of that weight...maybe he could give me some tips as soon as I have this baby! Holy! Another boy! Congrats! Maybe the next go around, we can teach you guys how to get a girl and you can share your secrets on how we can get a boy! Anyway, Sounds like things are great for you guys! Much love!

Mindy said...

Hey Court,

I just thought I'd throw out the name Colson. Not sure if you guys would like it or if it goes well with Harrison, but I have a friend here that named her little boy Colson and I thought it was kinda cute.


The Sorensen's said...

Okay, so I thought I put something on here, but I guess it didnt post for some reason...I am so excited that you found us! How did you find us? I am so glad that everything is working out for you guys and that you finally made it back to WA. Hank is so cute and is a perfect mix of the both of you. And another little boy on the way. Welcome to chaos, thats what I think of it! It is fun though. Im looking forward to keeping up with you guys now!