Monday, April 14, 2008

Glorious Weekend

After months and months of endless rain and an occasional freak snow storm, Saturday's 80 degree temperature was a welcome reprieve from a long, gloomy winter. I think the only reason that people put up with the winter in the Northwest is because, when its sunny, its the most beautiful place on earth. Saturday morning we headed to the 75th annual Daffofil parade in Tacoma. We got curbside seats and watched marching bands, floats, and officials parade by. Hank loved being outdoors and being among so many other kids and community members. When the bands played, Hank would march in step to the beat like a little soldier. He loved the police officers on motorcycles and was especially impressed with the cowgirls on horses. After the parade ended, we had lunch, put Hank down for a much-needed nap, and then the fun really began. Who knew "yardwork" and "fun" could be combined in the same sentence? Aaron dug holes and set posts for our fence gates, mowed the lawn, and fertilized while I worked on my tan and weeded the front flower beds. It felt like one big, happy block party because every neighbor on our street was outside washing cars, mowing lawns, or barbequing dinner.

I hate to even mention a complaint about such a fantastic day, but I have to admit that I am still suffering from a painful sunburn on my legs. This certainly wasn't my first sunburn, but I think because my poor pasty skin hasn't seen the sun in so long, the burn was especially severe. My poor feet were so burnt that my ankles swelled up like least I'm hoping the "kankles" are the result of the sun, and not a pregnancy symptom that I have to live with for five more months!

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Bobbi said...

I love, I mean I live for days like this. There are so few perfect days. I sure would like to see some daffodils!