Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh Joy!

IT'S A BOY!!! Hooray! Hank is going to have a little brother to play with, teach, and terrorize. Aaron was completely convinced that we were having a girl and since he guessed right with Hank, I was trying to get used to the idea of having a girl too. All day I've been trying to muster up some enthusiasm for having a girl by brainstorm positive things about girls: we could polish our toes together, we could bake cookies together, she would smell nice, etc. Secretly, I really wanted a boy but I was too afraid to get my hopes up. Don't get me wrong. Girls are great and I love my neices, but I seem to relate better to boys. Now I'll get to have two little boys! Twice the noise, twice the dirt, and twice the fun!

After our ultrasound appointment, Aaron and I went to the mall to celebrate by buying the new baby some clothes. The best part is, we already own everything we need! We've got boxes of barely worn clothes and tons of toys all waiting to be put to use.

Now that we know what we're having, the real difficulty begins: picking a name. So far, we've got nothing. Grandpa Zollinger suggested Frank (Hank and Frank, cute huh?) and Grandpa Grover suggested Gus. So, I guess we'll keep looking:) Any ideas? We like masculine, preppy names that coordinate with 'Harrison' but don't end in "-er".

Thanks for taking part in our scientific poll. Nine people were right and 15 people were wrong-o. Either way, we appreciate the support! Now we just have to hold tight and wait until the big day to meet the little guy:)


austin & cherisse said...

congrats, that has to be one of the best parts, already having all of the stuff and just having to worry about a few things and not the whole kitten caboodle.
my suggestions for names:
kyle, justin, rob, rich, romaine, greg, brett, lester, ricardo, ichiro, cleatus, alvin, payton, kemp, harold, detlef, and bosworth.
if you don't use any of the names that i like then that is fine, i won't be too offended.

Lauralee said...

heh, congrats.. I loved having 2 of kind in a row...
luke :)

oscar that might be too much sesame street for grover though! :)
see you later!

Lauralee said...

oh forgot to say.. love your new colors....

kellbell said...

Althought I really like Austin's suggestions I do like Camden or Creed for names, but I like the weird names :)

congrats you too, wish we lived closer I would love to do baby pictures for you...let us know if you want to come to st george anytime, we'd love to have ya!

Kelli Radmall said...

Yeah! It's a boy, I was right. That's exciting. Congrats!

Maria Grover said...

I wouldn't want you stealing all our boy names (ha ha ha.. if we ever have boys that is...) so I'll just suggest the two we love, but have decided we will never use because they would be too matchy-matchy with our other kids. I absolutely love the names Nathan and Calvin... and Nate and Cal are such cute nicknames!

Anyhow - congrats again! It's fun that so far our kids are each within two weeks of each other. Christmas will be lots of fun for them. =)