Saturday, February 9, 2008

Random Tidbits

I'm getting annoyed with opening my blog everyday and looking at the same old post from a month ago. I know that I badly need to write a new post and upload pictures, but I don't have any new news or new pictures to share. So I just want to write a post so that I don't have to keep looking at the old one. I will make it my project to take some new pictures this week so that I can replace this post with a real one. I guess I'll just share some of Hank's new tricks and words.

1. Last weekend we finally installed a new handle on the door to our pantry. All the doors in our house have the lever-type handles, which Hank opens with ease. I get so irritated when Hank opens the pantry door because he will destruct everything: poor salt on the floor, empty boxes of crackers, and eat through a pile of cookies. We finally got wise and installed a round knob on the door and instantly my quality of life has dramatically improved. I expected Hank to protest this new restriction but he hasn't really seemed to mind at all. He's just moved on to raiding our junk drawer next to the telephone.

2. It seems that Hank is really catching on to the concept of words. He's picking up new words really fast these days. This past week Hank learned the words "nana" (grandma), "bu" (bus), "a-pa" (apple), and "ap" (lamp). His enunciation isn't always the most clear so in order to understand him, you have to pay close attention to the context of his speech. For example, it is easy to confuse his words for 'poop' and 'soap', which obviously have vastly different meanings.

3. Yesterday I took Hank to see his pediatrician to get a referral for his dietary issues. There are only two things that Hank likes: junk food (cookies, chips, and crackers) and smooth food (Gerber 2s). He doesn't eat anything in between. I'm always trying to add variety to his diet by introducing new foods, but he doesn't seem to have the most adventurous palette. Interestingly, I discovered this week that he does like sunflower seeds, which are a good source of protein. His doctor gave us a referral to see a special 'feeding team' at a children's hospital in Tacoma so hopefully they will be able to provide me with some new ideas.

4. Hank learned to climb onto our bar stools. I worry about him toppling over since the stools are taller than he is, but its kind of fun to have him at counter height to help me with dinner.

5. Lately Hank has been very amorous. He will randomly smack his lips and give you that look that means he wants to kiss you. He starts leaning in to you and then plants one right on your lips. Sometimes, if he's feeling really lovey, he'll lay his head down on you to initiate a hug. So cute. I love it.


Jill said...

Hank sounds so stinking cute. I am glad you wrote an update - I've been checking. By the way my friend "taught" me how to change my blog look but it was so confusing and I don't know it well enough to try to help someone else. There are lots of tutorials online that my sisters use but I couldn't really understand all the html stuff. My other friend pays someone $8 to change hers ;) I think that the only thing I could do was if you wanted mine I could change the name on top and send you the whole html code but other than that - I'm no help! Sorry!

kelli said...

Your post of random tidbits made me think the same thng-Hank sounds so stinking cute! I wish I could come hang out with you guys! I love that picture a ways back with Hank and his blankie in the tub! Love it.