Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day always makes me laugh because it means that six years ago Aaron broke up with me and we both spent the holiday sad, miserable, and depressed. Although we had only been dating a few months, Aaron was set on a one-way track to marriage and decided that he wanted to be exclusive. He posed an ultimatum to me: either commit now or forget it. I explained to him that after barely turning 20 and having known Aaron such a short time I was hardly ready to commit to a serious relationship. I expected Aaron to back down and take what he could get and I was shocked when he dumped me instead! I think we spent 4 lonely days being miserable (including Valentine's Day) apart before he came crawling back...sort of. We agreed to keep dating and the rest is history! We've spent the last five Valentine's Days together laughing at how silly our first Valentine's Day was and being grateful that we get to make up for it each year. I love you Aaron Grover!

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Kellie Larsen said...

ha! that made me laugh aaron was always the patient, reserved one...he was so in love with you!