Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree!

We keep flirting with the idea of buying a fake Christmas tree, but then when the time comes to spend several hundred dollars, during our budget tight month of December, on a plastic, fake-o tree, we back out and decide to go the natural route another year. This year our great Christmas tree hunt consisted of driving around from one big box store to the next and walking through their picked over lot for any tree over four feet tall. When we found one scraggly noble fir that measured 7.5 feet, we pronounced it the most beautiful tree in all the lot, threw it in the truck, and hauled it home. 

This year Aaron accepted defeat before he even engaged in the battle with the tree to center it in the base and just left it to tip forward at a precarious angle. I sacrificed an entire nap time to prep the tree with lights, only to have half the strands blow out mid-way. Overall, the tree is about par for the course!
It was all worth it for the five frenzied minutes that the kids fought over who got to hang which ornament and loaded the bottom third of the tree with the entire box of ornaments. The boys declared it a super fun family night--the best ever--so I guess I need to color my glasses a little more rosy;)

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