Thursday, February 27, 2014

Love Day

Instead of a romantic date with ONE valentine, I had a special family date with SIX handsome valentines. Lucky me! On the night before Valentine's Day, as we were tediously cutting and gluing the finishing touches on the boys' valentines (rant to follow), Hank and Max began asking me questions like, "Are you going to make us pink pancakes like you did last year?" and "Are you going to decorate our table like you did last Valentine's Day?" Since I love all things tradition, it makes me so happy that my boys are beginning to remember things from year to year and look forward to our special Valentine's breakfast.

Valentine's Day Rant: Oh. Em. Gee. Can we all just call a truce and agree to take one giant step back?! When Hank's teacher tasked the students with making their own Valentine's Day boxes at home, I had no idea that we were entering a highly competitive art/design contest. Back in the day, a "valentine box" was a shoe box decorated with pink and purple hearts and white paper doilies. These days, a "valentine box" isn't even a box--it's a goggle-clad minion, a functional basketball hoop, or a dump truck delivering a load. I really thought that Hank and I had knocked it out of the park with his Minecraft themed cereal box...until we arrived at school and saw the Pinterest parade of valentine boxes. I'm sorry, Hank. There are certain battles that I will fight to the death to win, but I'm afraid I may just throw in the towel and concede the battle of the valentine box to the other mothers who clearly need to find more worthy outlets for their time and money. The end.

I think the closest I came to a romantic Valentine's Day was a few extra slobbery kisses from this cute boyfriend:

Sometimes I complain about the commercialism of the holiday and the obligatory exchange of the token valentines, but I do really, really enjoy the chance to spoil and indulge my six valentine's with a little extra love and affection.
I just want the record to show that at the time of this post, Valentine's Day was almost two weeks ago and I still have a few chocolates left from that 2lb box of Sees chocolates. Is that self-restraint or what?

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