Monday, September 9, 2013

Aaron's Birthday Weekend - Part II

Come January, I hope Aaron remembers how spoiled he was for his birthday, because this guy got not one awesome birthday weekend, but two! Originally, I had planned on taking Aaron on a birthday weekend getaway in lieu of a party/gifts, but when we decided to spend the weekend of his actual birthday in Rexburg for a baby blessing, we scheduled our getaway for the following weekend and Aaron had the luck of celebrating twice. If anyone deserves such a lavish celebration, it's Aaron--he is my bestest friend, partner, and teammate.

On Friday, we dumped dropped the boys off at Nana and Papa's house and took off on our Las Vegas excursion. So many places to go, things to do, and sights to see...and we didn't do any of them! No frenzied schedule to keep or agenda packed full of activities...we soaked up every minute of glorious freedom to do whatsoever, or whatsolittle, our hearts desired. I had to keep telling myself, "I'm on vacation. It's okay to be lazy." I don't even call it laziness. It was a much-needed opportunity for Aaron and I to disengage from the monotony of our roles and routines, connect with one another, center ourselves, and gear up for some big challenges that lie ahead. With that as our goal, we spent the majority of our weekend going to bed early and sleeping in late, eating ourselves silly, and just enjoying each other's company.

Being that it was his birthday celebration, Aaron did have a few things he wanted to check out:

I think I could live a long time before I feel the need to walk the strip again, but we did enjoy working up a little pre-buffet appetite walking through all the shops along the strip.

Aaron picked our evening entertainment:

There should be a wife trophy for this birthday sacrifice (accompanying Aaron at a sports club so he could get his fix watching the Seahawks game that wasn't broadcast on TV in our room) : 

Happy Birthday!

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