Monday, September 9, 2013

Aaron's Birthday Weekend Part I

We had such a fun weekend visiting our Rexburg cousins over Labor Day weekend. The kids played for hours in the backyard digging in the sandbox (yep, already added to Aaron's "to-do" list), swinging (Papa had to rig the child swing with more sturdy hardware to accommodate Ben's passion for swinging--he even fell asleep in the swing!), and practicing golf shots. On Saturday, Aaron celebrated his birthday with a morning round of golf and we spent the afternoon splashing and jet skiing around the pond. Nana made Aaron's special request birthday dinner of steak, potato salad, scones, and brownies and icecream. Afterwards, the older kids joined Nana and Papa at the hotel for swimming and a cousin sleep over. On Sunday, D blessed our newest cousin, baby Jax, and we drove home in the sweet silence of 4 tired little boys sleeping in the backseat.

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