Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Half-Birthday, Joey!

My little Joey baby is 6 months old! Of course I think that Joey is an absolute doll, but I have actual proof of his cuteness: even living here in Utah, baby capital of the world, people stop me all over the place to comment on what a cute baby Joey is. That is saying something.

Besides just plain cute, Joey is...
... a blondie! Who knows where he found his fair hair in our gene pool?
... not a great napper, but he just began sleeping through the night 4 nights ago. Finally!
... a little monkey. He loves to be held and carried around as I go about my chores, just clinging to my shoulder
... skinny, well, relatively. Compared to some of his, umm, husky big brothers, Joey seems skinny.
... eating puffs and yogurt melts. He has a very strong tongue thrust reflex, so the baby food just spits right back out, but he really likes little puffs...when he can manage to extricate them from his own tight little fist.
...loved. Joey gets so many loves from his big brothers, particularly Ben, who likes to hug him, kiss him, and sit on him (in an affectionate way, I'm sure).

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