Friday, October 26, 2012

First Snow

October 25th and there is snow on the ground! Max wasted no time throwing his snow gear on and going outside to "work," raking up the fallen snow.

I really hate to be a stick in the mud. Yes, the snow is beautiful and I do love wearing a cozy sweater and sipping an occasional cup of hot cocoa, but, honestly, I think snow is overrated. We've had snow on the ground for one day and I'm already over it: the tiresome exersize of outfitting the boys in the their snow gear, getting the mittens just right and the pant legs tucked into the boots just so, only to have them come right back inside to go potty. Yep, I'd trade my knee-high winter boots and mug of hot cocoa for my flip-flops and iced lemonade anyday.

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