Monday, February 27, 2012

Meant to Be

Since moving to Utah, we've experienced several "meant-to-be" moments, some very small and others near miraculous, that have confirmed our feelings that this move was "meant to be." One of the most difficult things about leaving Washington was leaving behind a treatment team of specialists and professionals who knew Ben, who took a sincere interest in Ben, and who really helped him make advancements in his recovery. One of the most important people on Ben's Washington treatment team was his vision therapest, who, through some very unconventional techniques, helped Ben's vision immensely. So, moving to Utah, I was concerned about whether or not we would be able to find the same level of care, especially in the very niche field of vision therapy. Well, a very small "meant-to-be" moment occurred the other day when I had a consultation with a vision therapest, whom I had found through internet research, and who just happened to train with our very own Washington vision therapest! I knew immediately that Ben would be in good hands.

Our new vision therapest recommended continuing Ben's previous therapy glasses treatment and prescribed new glasses for Ben. Unfortunately, judging from the way that Ben instantly starts to cry and immediately rips the glasses off, I'd say Ben isn't a big fan of his new glasses.

This was the best I could do at trying to coax a smile our of Ben whilst wearing his glasses--wouldn't even give me a grin for a Cheeto!

Hopefully Ben will come to appreciate the improved vision with his glasses on and put up less of a fight about wearing them. All I know is that kid is stinking cute in those glasses!

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Maile Fano said...

He is way cute in them!